Home Energy Efficiency Remodels (HEER) 

Our goal is to promote sustainable energy policy by maximizing the potential of Home Energy Efficiency and developing local Renewable Energy Resources.

Depending on your home, you may be able to cut your energy bills by 30%! Add all of Fort Collins' buildings together and your talking about $28 million per year! That's money spent hiring local contractors to do remodels plus additional discretionary spending on things like eating downtown, or contributing to CforSE:) That money stays in our economy instead of being spent to burn coal and gas.

Making our buildings in Fort Collins more efficient is a "three for the price of one" strategy:

  • Reduce dependance on fossil fuels and cut pollution

  • Make our homes more comfortable and our work places more productive

  • Save money and energy on bills

Update March 2015: Victory! Fort Collins now offers the best efficiency financing program in the country (for renters starting Jan 2016)!

The next step is to create awareness of how efficient or inefficient a building is. We are doing that through our Energy Grade Disclosure in Advertising campaign. Write to Fort Collins City Council and tell them that you support you the campaign.

Add your Voice

Personal letters remain one of the most influential lobbying tools. Use the form below to contact city council members.

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Dear Fort Collins City Council and Managers, Thank you for implementing the new Home Efficiency Loan Program. Please support CforSE's Energy Grade in Advertising campaign.