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We’re Taking CforSE to the Next Level…Will You Join Us?

It’s been an eventful and successful seven years since we began our CforSE journey way back in 2006. We’ve been advocating for healthier sustainable energy practices and empowering individuals to act as a community and taking names along the way!

We live to defend our beautiful state by working toward sustainable energy as well as a healthy economy and social condition without compromising future generation’s ability to do the same.  Colorado is a magical place and we intend to keep that magic intact for generations to come.

We’ve experienced some amazing wins along the way! We assisted in improving the Fort Collins bus system, organized support to get a Community Solar Garden in Durango, helped to get safer drilling practices in Northern Colorado towns, and continue to prod Fort Collins Utilities and Colorado’s electric co-op’s to improve energy efficiency programs for customers.

We are determined to take the decision making process out of the “backroom” where special interests often hold the power and bringing it back to the people so that citizens can influence the process.

Now we’re asking YOU to empower us to help get this message out to a larger segment of our community.

There are few ways you can help us do this.

  1. We have set a goal to raise $5,000 by July 31, 2014 to further our mission and stop the construction of an unneeded new coal plant. We can easily reach this goal if each of you donate a small amount ($15 – $25), and of course more is always welcome 

  2. FWD this blog post to your friends and encourage them to sign up to receive our updates.

  3. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Google+ and help share our message through your social networks.

Will you help us?

If so, donate now.

We are so grateful for all of our amazing proponents in our quest for safe, healthy, and happy environment, economy and social condition in Colorado. We love our state so much and we know that you do too. Help us help Colorado and let’s do this together!