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Mayor Responds to Citizens Letters

Mayor Responds to Citizens Letters

Well sort of.  Mayor Wietkunat signed her name to a letter written by Fort Collins Utilities staff.  Her position on holding staff accountable to their job is still unclear.  She has taken no action to correct the failure of the on-bill financing program, even after acknowledging that it is failing.  Councilman Gerry Horak is the only council member I know of who has read his constituent letters. Councilman Horak is directing staff to fix the problem and is meeting with myself and other community members.

On-Bill Financing Update

Good progress to report on this Earthday 2014!  Gerry Horak (Councilman district 6) asked Darin Attaberry, City Manager, to direct the Citizen Energy Board to explore the situation and make an official recommendation for council action.  Also, John Phelan, Fort Collins Utilities Service Manager in charge of energy efficiency, provided a chart of next steps to make this program work!  This is all much more then what would have happened without Cforse agitation, so thank you to all of our 14,000 Fort Collins contributing members and to everyone who has a written a letter of support.  We will get this done! 

3 Minute Lecture Series to Council on On-Bill Financing

Starting on April first, I am presenting a 3 minute lecture every other Tuesday at 6pm in the Fort Collins Council chambers during the public comment section of the regular Council meeting.  The first lecture can viewed here at 25 minutes and 45 seconds into the video.  I managed to use some humor to get their attention and I think they are looking forward to the rest of the series.

Councilman Gerry Horak (district 6, NW, FoCo) Reacts

Gerry has always been very responsive to constituent concern.  He has taken the time to learn about the On-bill financing issue.  Yesterday he asked City Manager Darin Atteberry why FTC couldn’t make the suggested changes and today he wrote the manager saying that this needs to be taken care of ASAP.  Thank you Gerry!  And we will keep the toes to the fire until we have a successful program that helps renters and low income homeowners make their homes energy efficient.

Letter to John Phelan, FCU Efficiency Manager

Hi John,

I’m doing a calculation of my home (rented) needs to be most efficient.  Estimated with rebates is about $6,000 for weatherizing/insulation, replacing 5 single pane windows and a in-efficient sliding door, furnace, water heater, and refrig (all from early 90′s or before).  We are 100% cfl lighting.

Energy Efficiency Financing Screw-up a Result of Miscommunication

January was meeting month!  I kicked off the new year by meeting with Fort Collins Utility’s (FCU) efficiency manager John Phelan.  My impression leaving the meeting was that FCU is focused on new goals and philosophy.  That is important and needs to be done, but not at the expense of implementing “on the ground” projects that actually help people.  The On-Bill Financing program had a first year goal of 30 and achieved 6 (details on our “financing efficiency” page).  It is a recognized failure.  FCU knows why the program was a flop and what needs to be done to fix it but they don’t want to take the time to do it right.  That is not acceptable!