The case for Amendment 1

Full-time pay for Full-time work


In 2017 City Council pay was $9,480 per year. That pays for less than 10 hours per week. To do the best job, council is a 40-hour per week job. Half of the current council members have other jobs and can’t give 40 hours to council. The council members who do give 40 hrs per week are paid less than $5 an hour.


Council is responsible for:

·   Approving and supervising a $500 million per year budget.

·   Overseeing a 2,000 employee staff.

·   Answering to 161,000 constituents.

·   Making the decisions that shape Fort Collins


The Full-Time Council workweek looks something like:

·   15 hours - Researching topics from Advertising to Zoning.

·   15 hours - Official and community meetings.

·   5 hours - Meeting with individual constituents.

·   5 hours - Meeting with City staff leaders.



Area Median Income is a fair wage


The Fort Collins Area Median Income is about $60,000/yr, roughly the salary of a city bus driver, parks maintenance tech, police dispatcher, and librarian.

The money (~$550k) will come from savings generated not a tax increase. Council routinely over-funds projects without a thorough review of performance or need. One example is the $500k annually for solar rebates that are no longer needed. A professional City Council will identify these opportunities and save money.


Amendment 1 is not related to the tax question on the ballot.


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Community for Sustainable Energy supports Amendment 1 because:


Vital sustainability concerns are not being adequately addressed.

·      Cost of living is outpacing wages.

·      We are missing targets in the Climate Action Plan.

·      Creative solutions like solar for schools are not being pursued.


City Council is not responsive to CforSE members

·      It took over a year for council to adopt the 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 goal despite widespread support.

·      Council has not adequately responded about solar policy.

·      Council dismissed calls to explore Amtrak to Denver.


A decent salary will allow council to spend more time on sustainability.

·      Council needs hours of education/research on sustainability.

·      Council needs hours to hear more from citizens and experts.

·      Council needs to know how to better direct City staff action.


A decent salary will attract better-qualified candidates on sustainability.

·      Trained professionals need (and deserve) a professional salary.

·      People who have to work for a living will be able to serve.

·      More diverse representation improves outcomes.