Getting Fastrack back on track

In 2004, Boulder County citizens contracted the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to build a commuter rail between Denver/Boulder/Longmont by 2017. To date, taxpayers have paid over $180 million. Due to a lack of funding and increased costs RTD says the rail will not be completed until after 2040. The question now is, “What is the best path forward?”

RTD is studying Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for Hwy 119. The idea is that the bus travels independently from traffic, and so, much faster. They expect to have the study completed by the end of the year.

RTD is also exploring a rush hour train. Three trains would run in the morning and evening. This would also be much faster than traffic and a direct step towards completing the promised FasTracks. RTD does not have an official study underway as they do for BRT.

The costs, funding sources, and feasibility of either option are still largely unknown. For this reason we believe RTD should complete a study of BRT and Rush Hour Rail, including all potential funding sources, before pursuing either or both.

Please share your opinion by writing a short note to the Boulder County Commissioners. Should RTD study both options thoroughly or move ahead with one or the other, or both? Without public input RTD may choose the path of least resistance. They need to hear from you!

Thank you!!