PVREA elections

March is PVREA election time. This year we have four amazing, forward looking candidates to put on the Board of Directors! If you are a PVREA member you can vote for all four. Ballots go in the mail March 7th and are postage paid, so no excuses for not voting!

The four candidates are: Karen Stockley, Karen Conduff, Adrian Sweeney, and David Pierson.

A little more about the candidates:

David Pierson - I have been a member of PVREA since 2002. As a retired Air Traffic Controller, I have spent my life in the background: processing data, formulating plans, making decisions, and acting from a dark room to protect the public. I feel that now is the time to step forward.

The energy needs of Northern Colorado and PVREA will do nothing but rise in the coming years, and meeting that need will be essential for our members. PVREA currently enjoys one of the lowest rates for energy in all of Colorado, and to continue that, we need to be proactive in planning for the future. I won’t make promises for specific proposals—doing so when you don’t have access to all data is disingenuous.

I do propose meeting our future energy needs through renewable energy, and replacing older energy sources whenever and wherever practical. The benefits of this approach are numerous: first, by building renewable energy projects locally, JOBS will be created locally; second, because these emerging technologies are currently cost-competitive, and getting cheaper every day, this will help KEEP OUR COSTS LOWER; third, it will help keep our environment CLEANER; and also, the costs to maintain these types of facilities will be LESS THAN current maintenance costs.

Karen Conduff - I want to be your representative on the PVREA board to help speed up this transition to renewable energy. I have worked in the solar industry for a decade, been a PVREA member since 1988 and  I would appreciate your vote if you think embracing the future is a sound business model. 

Adrian Sweeney - Rural Larimer resident, Adrian “Buzz” Sweeney, would bring a wealth of business experience to PVREA’s Board of Directors.

While most corporations are governed by their stockholders and aim to make a profit, the PVREA board exists to ensure our electricity is stable, affordable, and benefits our community. As a member of the democratically-elected PVREA board, I would work to ensure the customer always comes first, and that as much money as possible is staying in our local economy. 

I have hands-on experience in managing corporations, major purchasing agreements, and taking care of the customer. I will do my best as a board member to keep electricity rates low, ensure PVREA is making the best choice for our economy and environment by making smart transitions towards renewable energy, and represent our community values.

Karen Stockley - My name is Karen Stockley, and I’m running to represent you as a PVREA Director. As a local business owner and community leader, I will advocate for affordable, sustainable, reliable energy in our cooperative. I have lived in Colorado for over 50 years, and my husband and I reside west of Berthoud. We have raised 5 children (and many 4H-featured farm animals!) here. We love our rural home and are proud members of the Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association. I have the public service and business experience necessary to lead the PVREA in the best interest of its member/owners. I’ve served the community for almost 30 years, volunteering in schools, Berthoud’s Planning and Zoning Commission, and as Treasurer on the Thompson Board of Education. I am also a local business owner, running Front Range Antiques for over 12 years. I know the importance of reliable, low cost energy for businesses and homeowners. My business experience and my budget expertise would serve our cooperative well on the board. Energy production and storage are rapidly changing, and PVREA must face these changes. Solar and wind energy are comparable in cost to coal; implementing cleaner energy into our portfolio is an exciting opportunity to save money and protect our community. New grid technology and storage possibilities can keep our grids safe, reliable, and affordable for generations to come. These exciting opportunities require leadership that explores new possibilities that benefit all members/owners. As your Director, I will steer PVREA towards an affordable, responsible future.