CforSE joins coalition to hold state accountable to climate action goals

News release for Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fort Collins, CO - Member organizations of the Colorado Coalition for a
Livable Climate (CCLC) were disappointed to learn that the 2015 Colorado
Climate Plan
> , which was released today by the
Hickenlooper Administration, makes only cursory reference to the greenhouse
gas emissions reduction goals established by the Ritter Administration.  The
Plan does not acknowledge that the State is currently falling far short of
achieving those goals, as is evident in the Colorado Greenhouse Gas
> - 2014 Update.

The CCLC is also concerned that the goals adopted by the Ritter
Administration - which have seemingly been abandoned by the Hickenlooper
Administration - are inadequate to meet the responsibility of our State to
help avert catastrophic global climate change.  Given the widespread
agreement among climate scientists that a global temperature rise of more
than 1.5° to 2.0° C (2.7° to 3.6° F) over the mid-19th Century average would
lead to a climate catastrophe, the CCLC proposes that the State of Colorado
adopt the following new climate goal statement:

"To help secure a future in which the environment, culture, and economy of
Colorado are not further irrevocably damaged by climate change, the State
shall develop and adopt annual greenhouse gas emissions goals that are
supportive of limiting the global average temperature rise to 1.5° C (2.7°
F) or less by the end of this century, and which shall include achievement
of carbon neutrality by 2030.  These goals shall be informed by the best
available science, as well as by the need for an equitable allocation of our
remaining carbon budget among all the people of the planet.  Building on
past efforts, the State shall also develop and adopt a comprehensive,
multi-sector plan to achieve the new goals, in addition to accounting
measures to validate annual progress toward them."

Due to the urgency of addressing global climate change, we must do far more
than is contemplated by the recently released 2015 Colorado Climate Plan.
Adoption of the above goal statement, followed by the creation of a plan for
developing, achieving, and monitoring progress toward reaching the annual
goals called for, is essential if Colorado is to assume a leadership role in
responding to the climate crisis.

Member organizations of the CCLC include:

1.       350 Colorado (

2.       Clean Energy Action (

3.       Colorado Chapter, Global Catholic Climate Movement

4.       Colorado Interfaith Power and Light (

5.       Colorado Renewable Energy Society (

6.       Community for Sustainable Energy (

7.       Denver Catholic Network

8.       Eco-Justice Ministries (

9.       Empower Our Future (

10.   EnergyShouldBe.Org (

11.   Fort Collins Sustainability Group (

12.   Fossil Fuel Free Denver (

13.   Our Children's Trust Colorado

14.   Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (

15.   San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (

16.   Sustainable Revolution Longmont (

17.   Transition Fort Collins (

For further information, please contact Kevin Cross of the Fort Collins
Sustainability Group at or 970-419-8944.