Take five for a Key Public Comment Period for Sustainable Energy!

Our friends at Delta-Montrose Electric Association are working to add micro-hydro from a local irrigation ditch to their energy mix. Unfortunately Tri-State (the parent electric co-op) is trying to stop them and instead favors building a new ($3 Billion) coal plant in Kansas. Tri-State is doing this to a few of the local co-ops in Colorado. However, Tri-State recently restructured it's financing to become a public utility. This change means that Federal law prohibits Tri-State from preventing the local co-ops from buying local, renewable energy. The agency in charge has not yet made a ruling on this and Tri-State is still blocking progress.

Sooo..... DMEA is asking the feds to make their ruling and there is a public comment period. That brings us to you! A brief comment in support will get the Feds to prioritize this decision. Here is a form letter that you can copy. Your homework is due by March 11th so do it now and stick it in the mail!


The Honorable Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary                                                                               Federal Energy Regulatory Commission                                                                                           888 First Street, NE                                                                                                                  Washington, D.C. 20426

Re: Delta-Montrose Electric Association,  Docket No. EL15-43

Dear Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioners:

I am writing as one of the 30,000 Coloradans that support Community for Sustainable Energy to back Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) in their petitioning for Declaratory Order and Request for Expedited Action.

As an energy consumer it is important to me that local electric providers such as DMEA are able to purchase energy from small scale, local, renewable energy sources without limitation for the purpose of establishing an energy system that:  Promotes local economic health, minimizes harm done to the environment, and results in equitable retail rates.