March 3rd 2015 updates

Fort Collins Council votes tonight for a resolution to adopt the Climate Action Plan. The plan is expected to pass. This plan provides a level of official support for the campaigns that we work on including increasing building efficiency, expanding renewables, and improving public transportation. The plan does not include other priorities of CforSE including expanding urban agriculture.

March 2nd was the first day of the new and improved Home Efficiency Loan Program from Fort Collins Utilities!  Homeowners are now eligible for 2.5% over 20 years for efficiency improvements. These terms mean that, in many cases, the savings will be greater then the monthly "loan" payment, resulting in a net monthly savings and a more comfortable and valuable home! Call 970-221-6700 for details.

Our current Fort Collins campaign to establish a grading system for building efficiency and require disclosure in advertising is gaining momentum.  500 residents have now written to Council in support. Councilmen Bob Overbeck, Wade Troxell, Ross Cuniff, and Gerry Horak have met with me to discuss the idea and they have each expressed support. City Manager Darin Atteberry is in the process of organizing the proper city staff to talk about development and implementation. Kevin Gertig, Utilities Director, and John Phelan, Utilities engineer, have stated that they think that FCU can develop the grading system and our energy auditors can implement that part of it. Similar programs have been implemented in 12 cities across the U.S.

I'd like to get the property managers and realtors to provide input. So far they are not interested in working on this, but I'll keep reaching out.