Letter to John Phelan, FCU Efficiency Manager

Hi John,

I’m doing a calculation of my home (rented) needs to be most efficient.  Estimated with rebates is about $6,000 for weatherizing/insulation, replacing 5 single pane windows and a in-efficient sliding door, furnace, water heater, and refrig (all from early 90′s or before).  We are 100% cfl lighting.

For those retrofits to pay for themselves with the current OBF I calculate they would have to save over $89 per month at 6.75% apr.  That’s 68% of my average monthly energy cost.

If we had a zilch apr over 15 yrs, then $33 per month, or 25%.  I think we could attain 25% average monthly savings.

My landlord has 0 interest in participating in any program but has agreed to let the work be done if it doesn’t cost him any money, time, effort, risk.  How many homes are in the same situation in Fort Collins?

Thanks again for your continued efforts,

Fred Kirsch