Fort Collins Energy Efficiency Financing almost there

Throughout 2014 we have been bugging the crap out of Fort Collins Utilities to improve their On-Bill Financing program. The current version of the program doesn't make financial sense for most folks. Simply put, the interest rate is too high and the terms are too short for energy savings to pay for itself. So we have been advocating for the adoption of a program modeled after Kansas' How$mart. In October Fort Collins Utilities announced a similar proposal that will work for many people and leaves the door open for future improvements which we will continue to advocate for. This January City Council is expected to vote for the adoption of the proposal. While we are extremely excited that 4 years of our work will finally lead to success, we are also remaining on guard. In the past Council has screwed up a good idea at the last minute, so we must remain vigilant! The vote is scheduled for January 20th. We'll let ya know as the date approaches so you can come to show support.