Community Solar Gardens for Longmont & Loveland

Community Solar Gardens (CSG) built and maintained by Clean Energy Collective are the easiest and most affordable way that we've found for most people to own solar power. The CSG is a centrally located solar array that you can buy a piece of.

With CSGs you can own solar panels without having to put anything on your roof.  It is typically cheaper than rooftop solar because many people are going in together to buy the panels and Clean Energy Collective has the experience and knowledge to get the best deal around. Because of this, and because Clean Energy Collective does the maintenance, they warranty your panels for 50 years.  That's twice the warranty of rooftop solar!  It's the best deal on solar that we can find and that's why we are shamelessly promoting it!

So why doesn't Longmont have access to CSGs?  The rest of Boulder County does.  Fort Collins and Denver do.  Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Weld County do.  Where's Longmont?  We are canvassing Longmont this fall to organize citizen voice to ask our City leaders that exact question.  Email them here and ask, "Why don't Longmont residents have access to Community Solar Gardens?"

Patrick, Steven, Dave, Ryan, and Fred are knocking on doors to raise awareness of this energy issue and organize Longmont citizen support to bring this sustainable energy opportunity to town.

Thank you for your support!