If you live in area with access to Clean Energy Collective (CEC) Community Solar Gardens then you can sign up for more info and we'll get a contribution from CEC! 

Note: Pricing varies on a case by case basis depending upon tax rebates, size of system, available rebates, etc.  When you fill out the form CEC will be able to contact you with pricing info.

Due to CEC's awesomeness we have partnered to sign folks up for their solar garden. CEC is awesome because they developed a product that is the most convenient and in many cases the most affordable solar opportunity around.  They are incredibly awesome because they are developing a national platform that will share their knowhow with any community that wishes to develop their own solar garden! They are open sourcing their product for the benefit of all! Click on the banner to get your own piece of the solar garden and help CforSE at the same time!

Areas that have CEC:  Fort Collins, PVREA, Xcel in Boulder County, Denver an other counties, Holy Cross, San Miguel, and others 

We are also working to get them in Longmont, Loveland, Estes Park, and a few other areas around CO.